X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller
X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller
X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller
X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller
X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller
X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller
X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller

X33 Viper Mobile Game Controller

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Spacially designed for PUBG / Fortnite / Rules of Survival / Free Fire. The X33 Viper Controller is the ultimate in accessories for mobile devices that fits all cell phones. Combine an anti-slip system for your grip, adjustable triggers and a fan with blue light so you can take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.  Get ready for the 'Chicken Dinner'!

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Mobile Game Controller X33 Viper - With Fan, Fire Joystick L1 R1 Trigger for IOS & Android.

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DESIGN  - Designed especially for FPS games 'shooters' - You can simultaneously move, rotate and shoot using the triggers, just as you do on XBOX or PlayStation. This will give you a great advantage over your opponents.


VENTILATION - Does your phone overheat after using it for a while? No need to worry, the X33 Viper Controller comes with a powerful ventilation system and a sophisticated blue light. This will help you keep your cell phone active for longer.

DEVICES & GAMES - Easy to use, fits all 4.5-6.5 inch models as iPhone / Android phones. It suits a variety of shooting games, including PUBG mobile, Fortnite, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical OPS , and many more!

*** The package includes 1 (one) X33 Viper Controller with ventilation system (cell phone and USB cable not included) ***

Mobile Gaming Controller

Become a Battle Royal Master!

While your opponents play with 2 fingers you will be doing it with 4! With the X33 Viper Controller, you can simultaneously move, rotate and you can shoot with your index fingers using the triggers. Your opponents will be using only their thumbs to do all this! You can configure the control so that it adapts to your cell phone screen and the interactions to play any game.

Mobile Gaming Controller

General configuration

The configuration may differ depending on the game. The following instructions are based on the PUBG.
1. Enter the game and click on the 'settings' button. 
2. Enter in the 'control panel' or 'settings panel', choose the option 'control settings' ('controller settings') and then click on 'custom panel'. 
3. Locate the 'shoot' button and move it to the upper right area of ​​the screen and move the lens to the upper left area of ​​the screen. Or simply adapt it to your preferences. 
4. Installation of the X33 Viper Controller, adjusting the conductive silicones of the triggers to press the firing button and the objective button. 
5. Press the triggers to shoot and / or aim. 
6. When your phone overheats, turn on the fan by activating the button on the back.  
7. To power the fan, connect from the cell phone with the USB cable to the X33 Viper Controller.


The control is pressing the volume buttons or blocking my screen. 

Incorrect installation can cause the triggers to press the volume or lock buttons of your cell phone. Check that your cell phone is properly embedded in the control and if necessary, turn the control to avoid such inconveniences.

You are ready to be the Ultimate Battle Royal Champion with the Viper X33 Controller.


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